Learn more about flooring and durability

Learn more about flooring and durability

The truth is, flooring and durability, at least to some extent, should go hand in hand, especially for busy and active homes. So today, we want to tell you about some of the most durable materials so you can choose a perfect option for your household, no matter your needs.

The importance of durable floors

Durability means the flooring you choose can stand up to your specific lifestyle and in-house traffic, especially if it’s a busy one. Frequent house guests, pets, children, and average wear all play a part in wearing down the surface of any flooring, so the more durable, the slower this happens.

Some of the best choices for long-lasting, hard-wearing floors are natural stone, porcelain & ceramic tile, solid hardwood, and luxury vinyl planks and tiles. Each of these materials works to handle a great deal of stress without breaking down.

Durability is essential because if you choose the wrong level of durability, you'll have to replace your floors much sooner than necessary. For instance, if you select a carpet that's not rated for high traffic, you will quickly see a breakdown of the materials followed by the necessity to replace them.

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