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With tile, you can make your floor the crowning jewel in your home, whether you want a stone look, a unique floor medallion, or a pattern such as a hexagonal, chevron, and geometric. Wood floors are especially popular right now, a trend that's expected to last for at least 15 years. Tiles can be made to look like wood, and it can even be cut into planks; since it is waterproof, it’s the ideal alternative for the kitchen or bath. Tiles are versatile enough to go into any room, including living and dining spaces, hallways, etc. To get the most out of this material, understand the various tile types. They all behave differently in various installations.

The true meaning "ceramic" tile flooring

There might be different types and various compositions and constructions that make them behave differently in various installations, but as long as they include clay tiles are considered ceramics. That includes the 4 X 4 squares, mosaics, subway pieces, and porcelain. Porcelain tile is composed of a fine, non-porous clay called Kaolin. It is mixed also with sand and glass and fired at a higher temperature. This makes it heavier, denser, and appropriate for floors in highly trafficked rooms like the kitchen or bath. It is also totally waterproof, even when unglazed, and resistant to weather. It can be used on deck and patio floors, as well as poolside. Porcelain comes in a large assortment of color, patterns, and designs. This is a large-format material, so it directly answers a current trend: for ceramics to get bigger and bigger. Many prefer this type as a stone mimic because the format and fewer seams give it a more continuous look like that of a quarried slab. Ask your tile retailer for samples. Other ceramics include the 4 X 4 squares, mosaics, and subway pieces. Highly decorative, these come in all colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes and can be combined to create unique designs. Tiles can also be used on walls and tub/shower surrounds. Just be sure to tell the retailer so you buy the right grade for your use.

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